Trigger name: This can be anything you want

Event: This must be the name of the event you want the trigger to run on

Condition: Condition that the trigger must meet, more information is available below

Variable: The variable to set if the condition is met (if it exists)

Value: What to set the variable to


Up to 5 triggers can be created


Must be one of the following events:


Conditions must be in the following format: if {event}.{attribute} equals {anything}

Message content is converted to lowercase when being compared, so message content matching is case insensitive

Current attributes for message are:

To use an attribute it would be message.attribute, for example message.authorid or message.messageid

Examples of valid conditions are:

This list is not exhaustive, there are an infinite number of conditions you can use


Which variable to set, this does not bypass the limit of 10 variables, so if you have 10 variables before the trigger creates a new one, then the trigger will fail silently


Must be in format {event}.{attribute}

Possible reasons for failure

This list is not exhaustive

This list mainly applies if the variable is not being set and no error is being displayed


Variables allow you to set content on sites dynamically, and can be updated without having to upload a new version of your site.

To allow for variables in your webpages, use the syntax {VARIABLE NAME HERE} with the curly brackets. Then, on discord set a variable to the value of VARIABLE NAME HERE and it should update on your webpage.

Deleting your site

Deleting your site using /site delete results in your site being deleted, all paths and existing versions, all variables, the primary path (if it exists) and all triggers being deleted

Primary paths

If you set a primary path, users who just visit will be redirected to your specified path, if this path doesn't exist or you don't set a primary path, they will just be redirected to the oldest existing path