This is your server's website, by default there are no pages so you have to create one


This is a web page, and can be viewed at /[your site name]/[path name here] in your browser.

To host content on your path, you must upload a html file using /site path edit [path name] [file]. Once you have uploaded a .html file, you can view it as mentioned earlier. When you upload a file a version number is provided, this is for downloading and deleting, and can be viewed in the browser by appending ?version=__ to the end of your path


Variables exist in html files you upload, and are replaced when they are sent to the browser, so sensitive data should be stored in variables so that it can be removed quickly (extremely sensitive data shouldn't be publicly visible at all as anyone can find your site)

Primary paths

Your site can have 1 primary path, this is the path that users are redirected to if they only enter /[site name] by default they are redirected to the first path that was created